Friday, July 10, 2009

All you need is love...

Hey everyone!!! So today's blog is about love!As I have been working with my Autism/Special Needs kids I have learned a lot about love.
I have realized that as a Child of God my most important job is to be a servant to him, and an example of him. While I do not go to Church every Sunday, or read the Bible every day, I DO strive everyday to be a human example of GODS LOVE!!! I can share love with my kids that most of the world do not openly understand and love. These children are precious and if I can do one thing right as a Christian it is to show and share the same love that my God gives to me!

My other love topic is: Loving Your Body!
I have started... And I love it! It is so easy for me to do, and Weight Watchers was not working anymore so wish me luck and I will update you as it goes along!


  1. Thank you for working with autistic kids my cousin is autistic and he is a handful. God did not grant me the patience to do that kind of work. WW did not work for me as well.

  2. Working with all types of children is such a blessing that takes a special person! I also teach children and our school has a special inclusion program for children with autism. It is such a blessing to hear of others who also enjoy this calling.

  3. Wow what honorable work! Good luck with Jenny Craig :)

  4. Each child as a special gift. It just takes longer to figure out what some are.