Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Time For A Movie Review!!!

So... I have seen a lot of the summer movies that I previously gave synopsis of but now it's PBC'S turn!
Transformers 2- Great Movie, but I love anything a seven year old boy would love. They do tend to play up on the Megan Fox crowd with obvious sexy scenes, this film is a bit lengthy as well.

Year One- VERY crude for a PG-13 and not that amazing or funny. Think all of the Old Testament in one film

Pelham 123- Really well done, not a blockbuster hit but I good entertaining movie.

Waiting for M to back to Waco to go see My Sisters Keeper... We are planning no makeup, no boys, and A LOT of kleenex. Of course I will be at the Midnight showing of HARRY POTTER!!!! and awaiting Inglorious Bastards... it's been a good summer for movies and it's about to get better!