Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer Movies from a Film Major

Many of you know I am a film major well here are my movies to see this summer by topics!

  1. Action Movies: This summer is FULL of amazing action movies: Transformer 2, Star Trek, X-Men Origins, Angels and Demons, and another Terminator! Also Johnny Depp lovers Public Enemies comes out where he plays a hunky bank robber opposite Christian Bale. And for Brad Pitt lovers, Quinten Tarentino's Inglorious Bastards will thrill as a WWII movie. I will see all of these but if I had to pick one..
2. Comedy: This summer will be a lot of excellent and stupid comedies choose wisely: Dance Flick, Year One, The Hangover, Funny People and Land of the Lost. I will see all but Dance Flick... My one to see is...

3. Chick Flicks: I am not a huge chick flick person, but M and W are so: Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Management, The Proposal, My Sisters Keeper, and The Ugly Truth... My Chick Filck Summer pick is... My Sisters Keeper
4. Family Films:Battle for Terra, Night at the Museum 2, Up, Ice Age, G-Force and of course my obvious pick for Family movie... Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!
There it is everyone the movies of the summer!!!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie!

    And I could be wrong, but I don't think Battle for Terra is actually a family movie. I think is supposed to be more of a cartoon for adults, similar to how Watchmen was a comic book movie for adults