Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Camp

Summer camp is something I think every child should experience so today I am going to tell you about the camp in my life...

Camp Mystic- This is where I work. This will be my second summer at Camp Mystic located in the Texas Hill Country. We are right on the Guadeloupe River aka "The Guad." This is where we have waterfront where we teach swimming, diving, water sports, and many other water activities. We also have an excellent archery program and horseback and dressage. Mystic is an all girls camp that is about having fun and loving God. Every Sunday we attend Chapel Hill and a morning service. As a counselor we lead nightly devotionals and prayers as well. The camper are divided into to tribes Tonks and Kiowas, this provides the friendly competition for the whole camp term... ending in War Canoe. I love Mystic being in nature and with God really replenishes your spirit

As a child I lived in Florida and went to Camp Wesumkee which is owned by Girl Scouts in the Florida Keys. Here, we slept in Chikees and did a lot of water based activities. It is a beautiful camp on the Atlantic Ocean for experienced campers and offers snorkeling, tidal pool observations, swimming, nature and marine study.


  1. So fun- I loved camp as a kid. We always went to a camp in the North GA mountains. LOVED it!

  2. I loved going to sleep away camp when I was younger! One of the camps I go to actually has a week long family camp at the end of the summer. I would love to be able to take my future family someday. How else am I going to get to go back to summer camp?