Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chuck and Blair!

Well M and I think we live in Gossip Girl land... well we kind of do.
Going to a private college is kind of like what really happens in Gossip Girl.
M and I both went to private school most of our lives so we have the prep school thing down.

Basically M is Serena (S) and I am Blair (B).
So readers I have a question should I complete my Blair-ness and go from...
Beach Blonde to...
Blair Brunette?

oh and my favorite scene ever!


  1. Aww I think you should keep your blonde hair! Blonde hair is so fun! but being a brunette would be a fun change! It's hard to choose!

  2. I heart GG! Thanks for entering the swap, I am soooo excited. Xoxo-BLC

  3. I have gone blonde to brunette and love it for two months..then I am desperate to be blonde again. It really damages the hair. I am sure you would great either way...but take it from me.... It is a lot of work to go back to the blonde side!!
    xxxx me