Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manicures and Madras!!

Hello Everyone!
So today my sorority hosted Charity Denim we have been doing this for 4 semesters now, but basically the company, Charity Denim, brings new jeans to sell and a portion of the profit support our wonder philanthropy C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates.)
So today I went to see what they had and they had Madras skirts for $30!
So I got a new Madras skirt just in time for spring break and supported CASA!!!
I also had a wonderful manicure today and a not so wonderful eyebrow waxing lol.
I will finish today with a raquetball game, bowling, walk with roomie M, and studying!

It has been a good Tuesday!


  1. I didn't pledge - much to the dismay of my Pi Phi mom! What a wasted legacy, huh! I would do it differently if I could have a do-over though:) I left on sailing adventures too much that first semester (we had delayed rush-do they still do that?) Most of the girls I knew were all Pi Phis and Kappas and a few Thetas here and there. My husband was a Phi Delt. I was just telling him at dinner I stumbled on a sweet Baylor blogger and we were reminiscing about when we met while working at Buzzard Billy's... OH...I just read you were about to have a birthday! It's so funny. I remember eating at Ninfa's TOO for my birthday (I'm surprised it's actually still there)! 20 was just yesterday! All of a sudden it's 12 years, 2 countries, 2 little boys and 10 address changes later! Enjoy your time there! Life goes way too fast :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better, one time my mom waxed my whole eyebrow off!

  3. Gracie- my mom did the same thing lol a long time ago but since then I have left them up to the perfessionals!