Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Month!!

So it is birthday planning time...
I am planning the post spring break Birthday Party for W and I. We are celebrating our 20th together since Sing ruled her life during her actual birthday. I am off to the bakery sometime today to order a cake or cupcakes, I can't decide. I will probably get cupcakes. Here is some from the bakery I use did! We will have dinner at our favorite restaurant, Ninfa's, then back to the house to hang out! It should be a lot of fun!

I am also getting presents for my mom's birthday. I have a few ideas (she reads the blog so I can't say until after.) She did ask for one item and I think it is so cute, I have to show you!
Its the Vera Bradley Pinwheel Pink Cargo Sling!
I am so ready for Spring Break and then our Party!!


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  2. Hey there! I just read your Baylor comment and Yes...I am an alum! Great to hear you're there now! My hubby and I both went there and graduated in 97. We miss it often! I need a trip out there to see what all has changed :)