Thursday, January 5, 2012

Me, Girl of the 21st Century

Like most of you I love technology and here are my favorite things I currently own.

My Dell Inspiron Desktop was my first major purchase on my own. It is touchscreen and I bought it on Cyber Monday! My former iMac and an unfortunate run in with a water bottle and resulted in me being computer-less for two months, thank God for item number 2!

My iPad 2. This thing saves my life each and every day. It is my calender, my entertainment hub, my twitter and Facebook. I love it sooo much! It also fully functioned as a computer for two months and never let me down. I little tip I have some old computer speakers that work perfect for boosting the volume of the iPad. When we throw parties we put them in the living room and turn on the theme appropriate pandora station, it work perfectly.

I love streaming content for my television and my Roku XS2 and Apple TV 2 provide that perfectly. 
The Apple TV is in my room and streams Netflix as well as the iTunes store to my bedroom TV.
My Roku XS2 is in our living room and streams Hulu+, Netflix, Pandora, HBO Go, Showtime Channel, and Amazon Instant Video. The added feature of 1080p and full Angry Birds helps add to my love affiar.

What about you? What technology do you use everyday?

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