Monday, June 20, 2011

Fit Body Bootcamp

Every Monday-Thursday and Saturday I go to Fit Body Bootcamp!

This 30 min high intensity training regimen has kicked my butt back into shape and lowered my body fat percentage and inches.

Doing these workouts have really got me re-focused on my fitness goals and planning what to do next.

Equinox is the hot gym of LA and offers tons of classes, as well as a spa and of course your normal gym cardio center and weights.
Yoga has become a huge part of my workout routine and I am glad equinox offers many classes.

I really want to try cycling in LA, and equinox is huge on that as well.

Only downfall is it is expensive, especially for my entry-level salary, but what better to invest in that your health right...

How do you work out?

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