Friday, April 1, 2011

My NYC Eats

Well I have lived in NYC almost 3 months now and have just over a month left in the City. When I first moved here I could not find any site that wold me where I should go eat, but by trial and error I have created that for you.

I have found my favorite eateries here in NYC that I would suggest for anyone visiting or living here in NYC.

Up First...

Otto - Located at One Fifth Avenue (5th Ave and 8th St)

Otto is a fun and fancy pizzeria owned by famed chef Mario Batali. It has a hip vibe and is always an exciting time. Pizza, pasta, wine, and antipasta are the specialty. For beverages I recommend the blood orange bellini, or a bottle of wine. For food the balsalmic onion and goat cheese pizza is amazing as well as the caprese salad. The deserts, especially the black and white, are to die for

.For the only place I will eat in Times Square I am going with...

- 45th and Broadway

The orange and white strips are a dead giveaway you found the famed NYC eatery. I like to consider it a cross over between a deli and dinner, serving up your favorite all American and Jewish food dishes. The hold the honor of best cheesecake in NYC and even have a sugar free version for us health conscious peeps. The prices are very reasonable, especially for Times Square. Expect a 20-30 minute wait before Broadway shows (around 6:30) but it is worth it. I love the matzo ball soup, chicken fingers, and the sugar free cheesecake. Oh and their homemade pickles... yum!

For my brunch spot...

Alice's Tea Cup- (Lexington and 63st, also has other locations)

In a whimsical setting you can enjoy some extremely delicious food. One, being the Alice in Wonderland fan I am, this place was a beacon of light for me, but, two, the food is amazing. They have an expansive tea list (I like the Alice's Tea and the Un-Birthday Tea) as well as several types of scones changing daily. Little girls can wear fairy wings and get fairy dust, while big girls can play with tea pots and clotted cream. I recommend all the scones and the cheese omelet with potato chicken hash. It is amazingly yummy and reasonably priced.

For my go-to lets have a fun meal...

Max Brenner- Union Square

It's claim is chocolate by the bald man and this hip place always guarantees a delicious and fun time. Known for it's desserts, the food food is equal to please. The Cobb salad is sooo yummy, as well as the quesadillas. The plating is always so artful, just to top things off. Share your entrees to save room for the massive, and well worth the calories dessert. I would suggest one but they are all so good. The dessert menu features hot chocolate, shakes, waffles, crepes, sundaes, fondue, and traditional cake style desserts. Be sure to hit the gift shop during your wait or after!

If you need a fancy spot...

Asia De Cuba- (Madison and 38th St)

How delicious can food be? Find out here. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw chose it as her last meal in NYC before jetting off to Paris with the Russian. Seriously, check your Sex and the City DVD's, it's in there. Asia de Cuba hosts large appetizers and entrees designed to be shared with a Latin Asian fusion style of food. The restaurant itself is designed to impress in a modern style. The bar upstairs is always a fun place to be seen. While it is price I highly recommend this place. Both the thai spiced salad and calamari salad are great starters, while the cuban bbq chicken and honey-rhum glazed pot roast pork are both fabulous entrees. Be sure to give this place a taste.

I hope you have enjoyed my favorite spots to eat in the city. Feel something else should make my list? Let me know! I would love to check it out!

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