Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Club

Well now that all my papers are written and I have time to read on the subway, as well as a new Nook I am looking for some books.
So far this semester I have read:

Loved Loved Loved this tale of Southern Love and Texas! Highly Reccomend

Read for a paper. If you are a film student it is a must read!

Cute! Fun! Easy Read! Recommend

Pretty Disappointed. I knew it was a teen book, but that was for kids.

So what next? I am looking for some good book suggestions.
I have heard I should read Hunger Games but I like chic lit.

What have yal read lately?


  1. I loved Roses. I am not good at suggesting books for people, haha, I have no idea why but it is like I go brain dead when people ask me.

  2. I've been thinking of reading Roses, but hadn't actually heard a lot about it. Good to know it's worth picking up!