Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goals Re-Adjusted

Well it has come the time where we have been into 2011 for 8 weeks and some of my goals for this year need re-adjusting or re-enforcing.
Now, that I live in New York and know my daily schedule and such we can work these in here as well. So here they are the new goals!

  • Read a book for pleasure on the subway everyday!
  • Do 2 weeks of 400 cal fix then give myself a reward! Hoping to be tinnier come graduation and moving!
  • Call my friends more often and send inspirational text through out the week!
  • Do something unique in New York every Friday!
  • Stay on top of my school work and do not slack in my last semester!
  • Still on the list: Get a job, move to L.A., buy a Louis Vuitton on my own!
I will report on this at the end of the semester to let you know how I did!

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