Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st!!!

It is finally here... December! And I actually have to wear sleeves in Texas now, we have been pretty warm all spring. Well I wanted to give you lovely readers a bit of a heads up of what this exciting month holds for me!

  • Christmas on 5th- My favorite Baylor tradition. We have an ice skating rink, several HUGE Christmas trees (perfect for pictures), concerts, sleigh rides, live nativity scenes, bell players, hot coco, and a great time with friends! There are always several pictures from this event!
  • Senior Dinner- All my Theta sisters and I will have our senior dinner on Thursday.
  • No More Class- This will mark the official end of my time at Baylor, I will still have class in NY but not as bad, at least I think it won't be hehe
  • 25 Days of Christmas- ABC Family will probably be the main TV channel playing at my house and reminiscing in the old Christmas movies of my youth
  • Amy Grant- Time to bust out the Amy Grant Christmas CD that mom and I have played basically my whole life!
  • Savoring some wonderful family time before I am off to NYC. I love Christmas break! I go lunching with my mom, family dinners every night, spending time with my puppy, hanging out with friends, and classes at my favorite yoga studio. Always the best time of the year!
I also wanted to share a few goals I have for this month.
  • Pack up my Waco apartment and fit it all in my car... Donate what I can!
  • Savor as much time as I can with W and M!
  • Produce my own Christmas CD with EmStone and myself as singers.
  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Take as many yoga classes as I can back in El Paso.
  • Read Never Say Never, One Fifth Avenue, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (a repeat)
  • Tan as many times as humanly possible so I am not pasty white in NYC... this starts on Thursday!

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