Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween: The Beginning

Ok so Halloween is my favorite of all holidays, except Christmas (which is in a different classification b/c it last more than one day.) But we have officially started our festivities. Last night EmStone, Baby Stone, and another Theta Sister and I attended FIJI Fright Night. Each year the FIJI's put on a pretty scary haunted house to raise money for Waco Young Life. It is such a fun event and a great cause. It is even better when the guys know you and say your names and follow you (Em almost died like 6 times haha.) Here is EmStone and I in our Fright Night shirts (hers is current mine is 2008.) We had so much fun we got there at 10pm and left at midnight!

Next up was this morning. My Theta sisters and I volunteered at the CASA Spooktacular 5K and Fun Run. CASA is Theta's national philanthropy and we all were up at 7:30 am in costume ready to run fun Halloween booths for all the kids that attended. I wore my Boardwalk Empire inspired flapper costume and EmStone was an 80's workout instructor. We also had mice, an Avatar, grapes, a Pirate, and Spiderman! It was so fun to do something childlike again on Halloween!

Tonight's costume is a sexy Mad Hatter! And also Baylor is playing Texas... So I must end this with a very Halloween appropriate HEX TEX!

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