Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In a weird place...

Well PBC readers I am in such a weird place right now. This is my final semester in college and I am moving to New York in January. While I am going out and having fun, I am 1 month into school and this by far is my most boring semester. I am trying to stay in the present but right now all I want to do is move to New York and start my life. I am on the edge of a huge adventure... interning in New York then (hopefully) moving to LA. I have a plan for once in my life and dreams. I just need for it to get here without wasting my final days in college.
Now I know most of you will say you will never get your college days back... live them up. Thats what I am trying to do but it is just getting hard to live in the present. I am futuristic and a dreamer, I know this of myself, but sometimes I just need to relax and party it up!


  1. That is very exciting!! I think you can find a fabulous balance between enjoying the present and looking forward to your move!

  2. Live in up. Your final days of college are a special time that you will remember forever. Post grad life is... different. Relish college while you have it :) Just some advice from the class of 09.