Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ring Cappers

As my old readers remember for my 21st Birthday my father gifted me a oh so beautiful David Yurman Topaz Deco Ring. Well some where in April I felt that the gem was wiggling a little too much for my precious ring and was afraid to lose the gem. I went to Neiman Marcus (where my lovely gift was purchased) and they said it would be no problem to get it reset and cleaned.
And so the story begins....
As I left for Argentina I left my ring in the hands of my grandparents and Neiman's. About four weeks into my trip I skyped with my grandparents and questioned about my ring. No word from Neimans but trusty Dot Dot got on the case.
On July 4th I arrive in the USA! My family greeted me with an American flag, Old Navy tee, Diet Coke, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. In the car they broke the news. A whole package of Neiman Marcus jewelry had been stolen in transit, and my ring was in the package.
True to form, Neiman Marcus is doing everything in their power to rectify the problem. However, my ring in no longer made by David Yurman which makes me very sad.
In my upcoming days off I will journey to San Antonio to La Cantera Shopping to look at the David Yurman rings they have. The Designer Jewelry manager is getting back to me with a price point, but a new David Yurman ring is in my future. I loved my deco ring... but when life gives you limes make margaritas... and thats what I plan to do. I am going into this with a positive attitude and am thankful for the excellent customer service of Neiman Marcus!

More to come... And send me mail...

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