Friday, May 28, 2010

Hola Amigas!!

Well we have done many fun things since being here in Argentina.

Last night we went to wine tasting at the Hyatt... which is like home for us Americans becasue all the employees have to speak english in order to work there. We ate Tapas which is there word for appetizers and drank very good wine. This happens every Thursday and you sample two glass of wine. This week we sampled merlot from Bodega Lopez, and a reisling. I will become a wine conisuer by the end of these 6 weeks. My first week of classes went great, and I am very excited for this weekend when we are visiting a Bodega (which is a winery in Argentina) and going to an Asado which is a bbq. So I guess I will have bbq on Memorial Day weekend.

As we say in Argentina...

Ciao Beses

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  1. How much fun to be able to spend the summer abroad. Good luck with your Spanish lessons and enjoy the wine! I look forward to reading your future posts!