Monday, April 19, 2010

30 Day Challenge

My friends often ask my why I love going to camp so much. As I pondered this thought I realized it is because I am forced into a daily routine. Up at 7:15, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12:30 and so on...
I always feel so energized at camp, I even get up at 6:30 and run before my campers wake up.
Well, I am officially a senior in college about to embark on my last semester and maybe it is time to bring some of camp back with me to school.
Establishing a new routine can be difficult and experts suggest using the 30 day method. Take 30 days as a trial run for your new routine. See what worked and what did not work, tweak your plan and start a second 30 day cycle.
Well, sad to say the time for change this semester has gone, at least with a daily routine. But... I have 32 days before leaving for Argentina. And I am determined to get something of my life in order. When I return from camp we will have my 30 Day Routine Challenge but until then...
So my first 30 Day Challenge is officially being titled: Health Freak!
In 30 days I want to be more conscious of the carbs I eat and strive for healthy ones. I will not be in control of what I eat in Argentina, so I want to lose 5 pounds more so I have some wiggle room.
In 30 days I want to wash my face every night regardless of what I did that day or what I did that night. I want to start using my eye cream as well!

I will finish my challenge on May 22 and I started this morning strong with Morning Star Bacon!
Does anyone want to take on their own personal 30 Day Challenge with me??
I will report back next Monday with your updates!


  1. I promise that when you go to argentina you will eat TONS and will lose weight because in south America they eat so much less processed food. We always lose weight in Ecuador

  2. I am keen to go on my own 30 Day Challenge...Starting on the 26th April (when term goes back) I will be going to the gym EVERY weekday for at least 45 minutes..

  3. good luck with the new routine. change is always a little hard to get going at first but once you start you'll be fine.