Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sing has been Sung!!!

Well after two months of hard work, practice everyday, and my dancing with pneumonia Sing is over. PBC has a life again and...

Now I know most of you have no idea what this means so in short.
Every year Baylor puts on the nations largest off-Broadway production, it has been running for 50 years. We have 2 weekends of shows with a different batch of judges. This year 18 acts performed.
Each act is about 7 minutes with a variety of songs and dances to fit each groups specific theme. It includes both all girl, all boy, and co-ed. We have had George and Laura Bush, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, and many others come watch Baylor Sing.
From the 18 they pick 8 to perform at Pigskin during Homecoming the following fall. This is HUGE and Sing is extremely competitive. My sisters and I were screaming outside when it was announced. I am so proud of Kappa Alpha Theta!!

For the few Baylor followers I have here is 2010 Pigskin:
1st Place- Kappa Omega Tau
2nd Place- Phi Kappa Chi
3rd Place- Sing Alliance
Rest of Pigskin no order:
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Alpha Tau Omega

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