Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oops I have been a bad blogger

Ok so I was a bad blogger this week... but I have an excuse (or 3 lol)
  1. I was like dying. Walking pnumonia, respiratory infection, asthma, and fever. No one knew what was completly wrong with me this week, but I was on 5 days on azythromycin and a ventillin inhaler. Yummy! haha No worries all better now!
  2. Spa Day!! M, W and I had massages and mani pedis on Saturday which was oh so nice and oh so needed. It was in celebration of W turning 21! Pictures on the right are of M,W and I in our towel wraps, then W and I... glad I take myself so seriously...
  3. SING!!! Its here!!!! Half of my performances are finished... Next weekend is the last weekend of performances and my parents come! Pics to come soon!!!
Promise promise fun filled post to come soon! Until then I leave you with this...
Next post is about my love that died... Domino Magazine RIP!

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