Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun Film History and Chick Lit

So my life crossed paths this week in a very fun and cute way. I am currently listening to on CD Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I love books on cd for the long drives mommy and I make, but during this busy time of my life it is a nice brain break to just sit back and listen. Also, they are great for multi-tasking!
This book is about a 20-something girl being visited by the ghost of her great aunt as a 20-something girl for the 1902's! Very cute and fun so far...
So how did my life cross paths?
Last night in History of Motion Pictures we watched Manslaughter. This tells the story of a young heiress in the 1920's as she drinks and parties and accidentally kills a cop in a car wreck. The man who loves her is the D.A. and he prosecutes against her, sending her to prison. In prison she becomes a good woman and he becomes an alcoholic. Then she gets out and saves him, because he saved her. Actually very entertaining! Well Lydia, the heiress, totally reminded me of Sadie, the ghost in Twenties Girl!
Fun Film History
The independent movie companies moved out to Hollywood from 1907-1913 because of the weather, and cheaper labor. These independent companies are the big players today such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures, to name a few. In Hollywood film took off, and in 1912 Thomas Ince developed the Studio System.
In the 1920's Hollywood became scandalous and movies became morally risque. So movies like Manslaughter (1922, DeMille) came out, provided the risque material the public loved but wrapping it up with a good moral message. Think 50 minutes of scandal followed by 10 minutes of morality, and the film studios were good!

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