Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Things Tuesday: My Current Obsessions

Ten Things I am Currently Obsessed with:
  1. Empire State of Mind- Love this song, so fun to jam to, plus it is in the Sex and the City 2 trailer! PS- I often think I am Alicia Keys...
  2. Baylor Sing- Some days I wish this wasn't an obsession, but our first performance is in 9 days!! I am so excited to perform. Tonight is audio tech so I get my mic set... so exciting!!
  3. Getting my homework and projects done, not fun, at all, but an obsession.
  4. Reading your blogs!!! They make me smile!!
  5. Swimsuit shopping- After losing weight and my upcoming trip to Florida I am loving swimsuit shopping. I got one from Victoria Secret and mommy is looking to get me a Lilly Pulitzer suit for moi's birthday.
  6. Books on CD- a great thing for getting ready, and unwinding... plus it feels like I am doing something smart lol
  7. Paula Deen- This one is nothing new but Paula and I spend every Tuesday and Thursday together... She is like my cooking idol except I can't eat anything she makes lol
  8. Maccarons- Yes! I made my first batch of macaroons and they are now my favorite thing ever.
  9. David Yurman- Oh so pretty!
  10. Counting down to my 21 Birthday!!! 33 days!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love audio books! I put them on my ipod when I run.
    Can you do a post on your macaroons? I would LOVE to make them and learn from your macaroon-ness wisdom.