Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Semester:

So just so you all know what I am tweeting/blogging about. Here is the run down of my classes this semester:
  • Spanish 1402- I go everyday, it gets tedious, but going to Argentina this summer will be so worth it.
  • Production Methods II- Film class where we generally make media. Lighting projects, audio projects, and a chase scene at the end of the semester. Not hard, but very time consuming. I love that this is a creative outlet for me!
  • Writing for Media Markets- Journalism class focusing on all types of real world business and media journalism.
  • History of Motion Pictures- Film class where... well the name says it all... involves a four hour screening every Wednesday night that I usually bitch tweet about.
I am also going to be adding in a weekly History of Motion Pictures post to prove to myself that this stuff can be fun and interesting, and that my professor needs some definite glitter in his life!

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