Sunday, January 10, 2010

Think Right Think Theta

Rush is officially over and I just want to share a few moments of it with you.
This was my last pref day and I was honored to sing "In This Very Room" for it. I wore the Lilly Pulitzer Squirly dress (performers wore cream, the rest of the chapter in black.) This is a picture of my two littles and I.
Our Bid Day theme was You Are Always In Style with Theta, our room was decorated with all sorts of designer shopping bags and fashion magazines. We have each pledge class wear the same bid day shirt but in different colors to help the new girls. Here are my littles and I again.Of course we had our pledge class pic. I love my pledge class so much, they are amazing women!And finally we have our newest members to Theta... PC 2010!
Please don't forget to enter my giveaway it is the last day!!


  1. Cute wow I can't believe your pledge class.

  2. What a huge pledge class! My goodness...when I rushed about 8 years ago our pledge class had 12 girls in it (and that was considered big!) Crazy how things are different now.