Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stage Ready!

Hey everyone!
I am getting ready for the stage. I have successfully been on maintenance for 2 weeks and have not gained anything back, but because I will be front and center for Sing and spring break is right around the corner, I will be back dieting for two weeks in hopes to lose 5 more pounds. I am currently taking Zumba twice a week and a step class once a week.
To also get ready for the stage tanning is taking place. I always feel so bad going to the tanning beds but I try to only use them at this time of the year. My skin takes the sun or artificial uv lights very well, so I shouldn't have to go that much, but boy did I get white this winter. I am also using a tinted moisturizer to help as well.
Singing on stage everyone is looking at your mouth... So teeth whitening is definitely on my list on things to do. I have a good whitening system from my dentist, but time to kick it up a notch and really get my teeth sparkling.
My first performance is Feb. 18, but dress rehearsal is the 17th so highlights and nails will need to be before then. I will also be exfoliating my face every night, then Kiehls wash, and Proactive toner. This mix of products seems to work well for me.
Well I am off to Founder's Day so I need to jump in the shower, and through on a cute outfit!
Love you all!

PS- Do you have any tips for me on getting stage ready... I would love to hear them!

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