Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life is Getting Better Everyday

So my hair is fixed thank God! I am not back to my blond self but I am a new strawberry blond that has been heavily complimented... I might have to consider this as a new color for me. The salon owner fixed me up and really fixed the cut! What do you think?

In other lands of my life:
I finished my literature review for Media and Society.
We are doing a major research study on the college lifestyle presented in film in comparison to the actual college life... Should be very interesting I will let you know more with this as it progresses! We are trying to make it to a national conference with our study.

OMG I ran the dishwasher haha it was getting bad but for some reason this year our lives are so hectic thankfully we all clean everything on Saturday morning!

Adventure of the weekend is: Six Flags Fright Fest!!
We are going on Saturday... I will take lots of pictures and show you all our fun!

Love you all!!


  1. It looks so wonderful on you Miss Preppy, just ever-so-pretty! Congrats on finishing your literature review - I hope your trip to Six Flags is a blast!

    Sending a smile,

  2. Your hair looks FAB and I hope you have an amazing time at six flags!!