Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting my life together slowly but surely...

So here we are again with my endless to do list... This gets me thinking why do we have to do lists, is it the ultra organized prep in me or the fact that I go to a very challenging university, both, or something entirely different.
Well last weekend was supposed to be laundry/ cleaning/ change the sheets weekend...
Well do to a frat party on Saturday none of that happened haha

Well here is the latest rundown...
  • Mom and Dad come on Friday for Parents Weekend
  • Then my girls and I are jetting off to Dallas to go see Britney Spears
  • Then back for Baylor vs. U.Conn game with my sorority tail gate before it
  • Then hanging out with my parents
  • And all this time my second draft of my local attraction piece is due Sunday at 5pm
So before I can have all of this fun I need to:
  • Change sheets
  • Put up laundry
  • Wash all my dirty clothes
  • Clean all of Eta House
  • Deep clean bathroom
Please note: I will clean everything for my mom to come and reclean the entire thing!
Gotta love my momma!


  1. Good luck with everything and have fun in Dallas!

  2. I'm awfully jealous about the Britney concert. Hope you have a blast!

  3. Good luck with getting everything done and have a GREAT time at Britney...I saw her in March and she was FANTASTIC!!