Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I lately become obsessed with decorating... I have no idea why. Maybe because I might be graduating early, but still I have no idea why decorating has got a hold on me...
What I have found out is:
  • I like bamboo chairs. All the kitchen pics I have liked have these types of chairs
  • I love bolsters pillows and white bedding... Hey mom we have a white bedspread... OMG saving money!!!

  • I have also realized my love of green and light blue for decorating with hot pink pops of color
  • I also like yellow!
So thats my decorating favorites I have found. I really like to use color and keep things with clean lines, but still comfortable.

This week I have Theta Rocks the Casa that I am decorating for, football and Eli Young Band concert on Saturday, and new hair and makeover on Sunday... Expect some fun posts coming soon!

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