Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tennis Preps

Hello Blog Friends!
So the first two days of school were extremely hectic hence the lack of blogging, but here it is...
*Tennis Preps*
So because I go to a wonderful University we are required to take Human Performance (aka P.E.)
This semester I am taking Tennis and in good form I am taking it from a Tennis Pro who is also coach of the Baylor Tennis Team who are national champs! So all in all I am taking tennis lesson three times a week from one of the best coaches in the country. I love college!
In honor of this event I looked for some extremely cute Preppy Tennis gear!
These products are Club Contessa! An extremely cute store for both golf and tennis! I really like these two they are so cute and would look great on the courts!

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  1. We were also required to take one semester of an "activity course" at my college. I played on the soccer team which counted as my activity course, but for fun I decided to take both yoga and ballroom dancing