Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Impressed!

I know many of you have seen this site, and all of there adorable merchandise, but I am here to say that I was amazingly impressed with this company. I ordered the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda in Ports O' Call... This agenda for those who were wondering is great. It is dated by the individual day and has a month overview, not to mention it is full of uplifting Lilly prints. It is tabbed by the month, includes a storage pocket, and adorable Lilly stickers.

The Preppy Princess amazed me in the fact that this was first gift wrapped beautifully. I was so happy to pull it out of the pink cheetah paper. And to top it all off, Preppy Princess shocked me with a hand written thank you note for ordering from them! I will definitely use this company in the future and I would recommend it to you as well!


  1. I received my agenda in the mail yesterday and I must agree the service from The Preppy Princess is fabulous and the agenda is wonderful.

  2. Miss Mallory Ann, you are just too sweet, thank you for such kind words! It means a great deal coming from you, and we appreciate it!

    Sending you a smile,

  3. i had the exact same experience from them when i ordered my lilly travel mug!!! i will definitely continue shopping there!!!

  4. I cannot decide whether or not I need this or not!