Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parrot Head Love!

So most of you know... I am kind of obsessed with Jimmy Buffet...
M and W surely do since I on our Spring Break trip it was all we listened too!
Well I wanted to show you when I became an OFFICIAL PARROT HEAD.Haha I love this picture. I am pretty sure I was 6 when this was taken and I was in Key West, but mom can comment on the official word. I love the lifestyle that Lilly Pulitzer has created and I feel that Jimmy Buffet and his care free music that lets you enjoy life fits right in!

My favorite Jimmy songs are:
1. Margaritaville (duh)
2. A Pirate Looks at Forty
3. Chason Por Les Petits Enfant

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  1. I love Come Monday by Jimmy Buffet. Cute pic. xo

  2. Great site! I am going to enter your giveaway now! Would you like to add one another as followers:)! ? Let me know!

  3. girl. did you love your stuff from the swap, i never heard from ya :(

  4. I love Jimmy Buffett also...and I love those three songs! Cute photo:)

  5. Margaritaville is my favorite song by Jimmy Buffett too and I think of summer whenever I hear it!

  6. You were 5 nearly 6 it was Spring Break in Miami when we stilled lived in Houston. You were in Kindergarten. It was the first time you ever went to Coconut Grove, rode in the rickshaw and smelled the paint from the moon painter.