Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry to be MIA for a week but I am back and I am back at COLLEGE!
I missed it so much and my friends here. Mom came back with me to see "The Eta House" and help us get the final things all together. Life has been moving along...

I officially started my job yesterday! This summer I will be working as a camp counselor for a day camp for children with autism and other mental retardation. It will be tough but rewarding.

M comes in town on Saturday from Camp! YAY! I miss her.

I got in a 3 mile interval run this week and will do a leg workout tonight!
Has anyone done the 30 Day Shred? Thoughts?
Well I am off to go out with Mom, shopping and lunch! I might have to go back to Target and pick up 30 Day Shred!


  1. Hope you had a great time! Have a fabulous day!
    xxxx me

  2. I'm LOVE 30 day shred!! Jillian kicks your ass but totally worth it!

  3. I haven't done the shred, but I've heard nothing but good things about it

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  5. Ohhhhh yes.....this video is awesome!

    I stopped when school let out but start again ...done it 4 days in a row as of DEF. gets better with time BUT still kicks my butt;)