Saturday, May 2, 2009


So in 12 days I will starting my move!
I am moving into a new apartment with M and WWe are living at The Grove
It is the "Eta House"
Get it Theta and Zeta!
Here is all the stuff I need to do...
  1. Pack up everything
  2. Make a fabric cover for my headboard
  3. Figure out where everything needs to be hung
  4. Make an organizational plan


  1. Do you have the headboard??? You will need to buy batting at WalMart Fabric get the cheapest. Put that on the headboard the cover it in fabric. If its your headboard you can use a staple gun to attach it if not try duck tape. What about the movers??

  2. Hey! I am a new follower and fellow THETA! My Mama is a Zeta. . . cute name for your house - Eta! hahaha! ♥