Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life List at 1:10am..

  1. McDonald's ran out of regular coffee... how does this happen, and during finals
  2. I am going to start Triathlon Tuesdays on my blog to document my triathlon training
  3. I need to get back OP for weight watchers... 20 pounds since High School is not cute...
  4. I am allergic to everything and am pretty sure I have some -itis so I am starting a Z-Pack tomorrow
  5. I have decided to go to a wedding this weekend only for hopes of an open bar... dont worry mommy knows hehe
  6. It is now 1:13am and I am questioning the purpose of life and why doing -13=4 mod 8 really matters
  7. 1:15am questioning over... -13=4 mod 8 does not matter, losing 10 pounds does
I am somewhat mentally exhausted/ fed up with finals and so post like this one occur... and I spelled study wrong in my last blog title... TWITTER IS FUN!


  1. That is horrible about no coffee ...finals! You just had to laugh at that. You know that Bethanny's book is pretty good. I think all of us are fighting the ten pounds. You look would not worry about the weight. Good luck with finals..have a great time at the wedding!
    xxxx me

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  3. Have fun at the wedding an tea party. Wished I was there. Mommy