Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic and Mystery Mondays, and 21 Days to Effective Person

Manic and Mystery Monday
Monday- Ugh... So last night W and I thought we heard someone in our house... I was in a towel wrap. So we went downstairs and checked it out then realized it was clear then we heard it again from upstairs. So we grabbed the meat cleaver and knife from the kitchen and preceded to the car. We didn't know what to do so and our phones were upstairs. We drove to find M at her boyfriends house and we knocked on the window for her to let us in, no awnser. Finally a sweet drunk girl let us in and we went to our other friends apartment where he informed us M was coming up because she was scared to death from someone knocking on the window. Our guy friend came and searched our apartment and it was all clear, but still not fun. Mind you all this time I was in a towel wrap with no shoes lol.

Now to 21 Days to be an Effective Person...

This week I guess I did better. I stayed OP to the best of my ability, but on Friday we went to Dallas and I do not pass up decent resturants when I have the chance, but I did try to have more veggies at these places. I did exercise once out of class, but I need to do it more. Oh well a new week to really buckle down and get to it.

luv luv


  1. Ohmy gosh-that is VERY SCARY!! I am glad you are okay, but nonetheless a frightening situation and I'm glad you can laugh about it! =)