Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!

Yay today I am 20 years old!! I am no longer a baby!! So here is the plan tonight I have about 20 friends meeting me for dinner at Se Cocina to celebrate W and I's birthday (we are having a joint party) We got our adorable cupcakes yesterday (pics to come) and are so excited!
So I am making my 20's Resolutions!:
1- By my 21 birthday I will reach Lifetime in Weight Watchers and keep it off.
2- In my 20's I want to be a published writer
3- During my 20's I want to finish and send off a script
4- I want to have a serious relationship and get engaged.
5- I want to read a chapter of a novel everynight!
So I leave you with an adorable cake that is so me!
Some how I have the feeling this will be a multiple post day though!


  1. This cake is cute but no pink lol!! I think she needs pink shades.

  2. instead of hollywood we need Miami!!!
    remember this for the big 21!

  3. Happy B'Day! I wish you all the best on acheiving your goals!