Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wow... Spring Break, Ebay, and Birthday

So like I have said I was raised by a pretty sassy momma. We would always celebrate every holiday even if we did something as simple as having a napkin that matched the holiday. So call it crazy, but now that I am in college I want to celebrate every holiday. I was so upset when no one cared enough to do anything with me for Fat Tuesday... Next year when we move I pledge to celebrate every holiday I want even if I have to force it upon my beautiful best friends who are my roomies.

On a better note I one my ebay item of a Lilly Pulitzer skirt and 2 Lilly make up bags all for $40!!!
What a steal! I hope my new Lilly comes in before Spring Break.
Finally we have decided on our Spring Break plans. My favorite girls and I will be headed to Destin, Beach for the week! It might not be as warm as we would like but we are determined to suck it up and hit the beach!

Also- My 20th Birthday is coming up soon... Actually in 20 days I will be 20 lol! This is the first time I will not be with my family for my birthday :( So they want me to send them a list of things I want... Any one have any ideas for me?? Here is the only thing I have sent to them so far...
From the new Lilly line... I am also asking for candle's (an addiction of mine hehe)
So let me know what you think!