Friday, February 27, 2009

A Wonderful Day!!

Today has been wonderful!
My parents came in and we went to lunch, then SHOPPING!!
We went to a very cute store we have here called Spice and I got a Lacoste hot pink headband.
Then we went to Target... I got practical things like toilet paper, cat food, and diet cokes... But I also got some more cute headbands and lots of fun little things. My mother bought me a Snuggie... yes the blanket with sleeves! I have wanted one so bad because I am also cold at home.

To top off this wonderful day my ebay items came in!A new skirt and 2 make up bags all Lilly!


  1. I had that headband in blue, but I sold it on Ebay cause it was too big for my head and my ears stuck out! But it was so cute, and I really like the pink too. You got some great LP goodies, I looove that skirt!

  2. You have great taste! Those bright floral skirts are uber-cool right now! Have fun with the clothes!

  3. Your Lilly finds are too cute!! And I love the pics of your room in the earlier post! If I ever find time to clean my room I'll have to post pics of its Lillyness!!