Monday, February 23, 2009

This is rare... A Good Monday!!

This is an extremely rare event. An excellent Monday! Here is why...
  1. I was not late for any classes!
  2. I found out I made an A on my Constitutional Law test
  3. It is 3:00 and I have cleaned my very Lilly room, done laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and deep cleaned my bathroom!!
I am so really proud of my work today. I got so much done that I am contemplating making something fun and new for dinner. Oh, I also want to show you all my Lilly inspired room. It also has a little beach in it but that is me!!
My bedding is a beachy green quilt, a Lilly Pulitzer round pillow and a Target pillow.
My "M" my mother bought for me at a craft show and the painting is from Coldwater Creek.
Hehe and my Vineyard Vines whale!
My little reading nook. The chair reminds me of a beach chair


  1. What a cute, cute room! The pink chair is fabulous! Hope you have an incredible Fat Tuesday!


  2. I LOVE the whale above the window! What a cute idea!